Training your team

    Time to start training! 

    It is so exciting when you start to build your team. It just starts to grow, and grow and GROW! Having a team is fun, and rewarding, but it is also important to make sure that you look after your team and be duplicatable!

    Team training is extremely important. When you have new team members that join you, often they may not have run their own business before, and they may not know much about the products. As your team grows, so does your responsibility to mentor them and help them grow their businesses.

    If you are a good upline, and assist your downlines by teaching them and supporting them, then there is a flow on effect. They will then teach their team the same thing, and strong teams will form.

    When you have a team, not only is it important to teach and support them, it is also important to encourage them to learn things for themselves. By doing this, you are encouraging them to be self – reliant which will help them become confident and run their own successful business.

    Good leaders are self-reliant, are driven to learn new things, and are motivated. They educate themselves and they know how to systematically work. They have mastered how to create a successful business. Of course, not everyone is like that in the beginning, so that is why, when you have a team mate it is important to work with your downlines and help them to learn all about the company, the products, good business practices etc.

    This is more beneficial than having a team that constantly needs your help, does not take the initiative to learn the business, doesn’t think outside the square, and they may have a negative outlook because they do not understand how everything works. In turn, this can lead to less success, or if they don’t understand things, then they may decide that this business is not for them. The fact is, this business is an amazing opportunity for everyone, and with the right training, everyone can succeed.

    Basically, what it comes down to, if you are wanting to create a team that is extremely successful and low maintenance, you want to provide good training from the very beginning that is duplicatable and easy to follow. That way once you have taught your team these things, then they can teach their teams.

    You need to make sure that everything that you do as their leader is duplicatable. Put systems in place that your team will find easy to follow, and then be able to teach their downlines.

    Be a great example for your downline, and then they will do the same for their downlines!

    The more love and attention you put into your teammates, the more they will flourish, which intern will help everyones business soar!

    TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

    When planning training for your team consider the following:

    Train your first line (Directs) well

    -When you have someone new join your team, make sure that you support them.

    -Explain what they need to do as soon as they join. Eg choose a name, create a group, direct them to this website and the new distributor manual.

    -Teach them the systems, and check in with them daily to check how they are going. You may even want to send them some posts so that they have some help on what to post on their Social Media.

    – By speaking with them often, this creates consistency and an environment where your team members can come and learn and continue to grow.  Phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp Audios are great ways to stay in the loop!

    – Teach them how to navigate back office. Set goals together and hold them accountable. This can be done in person or online. If you live close by to your downlines, sitting with them and explaining is extremely beneficial!

    Attend team trainings, and also hold team trainings:

    If you only have a few downlines, you could even run small trainings by setting up a group chat, or doing training via zoom or something similar.

    Determine what states your team is significantly growing in (back office, downline management, active downline) and also look at what they may require training in.

    If you can, host a training with your team online via zoom or in person. It will help them to easily duplicate the process and continue the local trainings there. Then the cycle will restart with a new area and continue to grow.

    Be involved with your team:

    If you are not involved with your team, and you do not speak to them then you will not know what they need. By speaking with them as a group and also individually, this will help you determine their needs and help you when deciding what training topics will be most beneficial

    Training is crucial if you want to create a sustainable business with SeneGence.

    After reading this, make a list of what you think your team would benefit from having training on! It could even be something as simple as showing them how to use back office, or how to create their own content and images!