Marketing your business using Social Media

    In this day and age, there are many ways that you can effectively market your business. In person, as well as using social media, namely Facebook.

    Facebook is very popular. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Facebook enables people to connect to the world and to their friends. Facebook contains what you would call your warm market – people you know, your friends, your family etc. Isn’t it interesting though, that majority of the people that you are friends with on Facebook, may not be your target market?

    Why is Facebook an amazing tool to market your business? And how can you use Facebook to help grow your business?

    Read below for a number of tips which will assist you to market your business well.


    Did you know that it is actually against Facebook’s terms and conditions to use your personal page for commercial gain?

    It is encouraged to BE YOURSELF and SHARE what you do, share stories from your life, which may just happen to include your business.. Share your why, be passionate and most importantly – be real.

    Your personal Facebook profile is the best place to be personal and show your lifestyle . Be real, be authentic and share your life. This will create curiosity and intrigue – making others want to watch what you are doing!

    In saying this, it doesn’t always have to be ‘my life is amazing on Facebook.’ Life happens, and people appreciate transparency, just make sure that if you are being real and honest about having a bad day, that you end it on a positive note! People tend to follow positive people.

    You will be amazed at how many people comment and reach out to you, thanking you for being real and sharing your stores! And who knows – you may even gain a few customers, a downline, or a new friend!


    We are all problem solvers! People want solutions. They want to connect with others that can help them or that will add value to their lives. Be the person that will add value to some one else’s life.  If you do this, people will want to connect with you. Marketing is about building trust and influence. When those two things exist, people will follow, and in turn…buy!

    Share tips,  go live, take Selfies, film tutorials or tell people about your day! You may not think many people are watching but they are!


    Use your personal page to SHARE, not sell. Be authentic, and be genuine. People will be drawn to you and will want to try! People love to buy, but they hate being sold to – share share share!

    Share valuable information that will  keep them interested, and keep YOU in their Facebook newsfeed!

    The more approachable and real that you are, and the more value that you give, the more engaged your followers will be. Your personal page is not about what you sell, what you do or what you need, its about connecting with your audience and showing who you are.

    • Love to cook? Share a favorite recipe.

    • Love to garden? Share a favorite tip.

    • Love to read? Share the latest review.

    • Love yoga? Share some great tips.

    You can share anything! Lifestyle posts are key for your personal Facebook profile.


    Your personal page is personal. Build strong relationships.

    Use private messages to have sincere conversations with people. Make them feel valued, and show them that you have a vested interest in getting to know them without wanting anything in  return.

    As relationships are built, you will learn what each individual is searching for, and you will be able to offer them help and deliver solutions to their needs. Building relationships this way creates trust – and once you have your followers trust, they will be much more receptive and open to you.


    Your story is the best marketing tool that you have, so make sure that you use it. There is no one else like you. Use it to your advantage. Stand out. Be vulnerable. Be real. Share short stories on your page that will inspire others. This makes you relatable.


    For the next two weeks, be committed to messaging 10 people per day from your Facebook list with the intention to get to know them. We DARE you!

    Get to the know the people you are connected with and the people that you are friends with on Facebook.

    Find out how you can serve them and relate to them, not how you can sell to them. When people ask what is new with you, you can mention all things that are going on in your life for example:

    ” I’m working hard in my business, and I’m excited to be going on a holiday soon!”. If they ask more about your business, share your passion for helping others and see where the conversation leads.

    Plant seeds, and watch those seeds grow…do not hard sell them!

    Have intentional conversations every day with 10 people over the next 2 weeks and see if this changes your business! We bet that it will!

    Building relationships is key to marketing and growing your business.


    1. Brand your page around you. Personally brand you and weave your business into it with your content

    2. Make sure that you link your business page to your personal profile. Those that are curious about what you do will see it on your personal profile and want to stalk you more on your business page!

    3. A business fan page is indexed by Google and searchable unlike you personal page.

    4. You can run a targeted Facebook ad and boost a post that gives value, host a webinar, share blog content, and go live.


    Facebook groups can be a great place to network, meet new people who are your target market and give value.

    1. Find groups that fit your target market. e.g. Are you a into healthy eating or fitness? Find groups that are around healthy recipes, or work outs. Are you a mum? Find groups with mums who might love your advice on something you are good at. Find groups with your target market where you can offer some free quick tips to attract people.

    2. Follow the group rules. Don’t spam. and be an active valuable member of Facebook.  Don’t silently stalk. Be genuine, and ENGAGE with people. It may take time, but it will pay off.

    3. Don’t join more groups than you can manage. Find 3-4 groups that are extremely targeted for your goals, with the right target market that you are wanting to reach and go onto those groups daily. Join in on discussions and connect with people in the group who are also active and share value.


    One of the biggest tools people overlook is networking on other fan pages. They can be AMAZING for your business and help you connect with brand new people outside of your circle while showing your expertise on a public Google indexed page.

    -Identify who is your target market and where  are they hanging out? What fan pages are they likely to not only like but be active on?

    -First place to look is on fan pages that you already follow. Look for new pages where your target audience could be in. See how much engagement is on the fan page. You want to focus on pages that are active, posting great content consistently to like, comment on and share on your page.

    – Look at these pages daily and join in on the conversations. Offer value, be helpful and real.