Network Marketing – The next trillion dollar industry

    Why Network Marketing? Why now?

    Network marketing has been around for years, but not many people know how phenomenal it is, but we all do!

    Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century. It is growing rapidly on a global scale and many network marketers are so appreciative that they have found a better way!

    Network Marketing enables you to work smarter not harder, creating residual income thanks to the compounding effect.  Network Marketing, if done correctly and being committed on a daily basis, can give you financial freedom as well as time freedom!

    Network Marketing is basically word of mouth recommendation. We naturally do this every single day , but we possibly don’t realise that we are doing it!

    Think about it this way, if you like something, say a new movie,  you then talk to people and recommend the movie. That is natural – and no different to sharing our love of Senegence products!

    Lets look at the difference between a Traditional Retail Model where you would buy something in a shop and a Network Marketing Model.


    So in a normal shop / Traditional Retail, a product has to go through many different processes before it gets to the customer! So there is the manufacturer, wholesaler, then a warehouse were products often sit for up to 4-5 years, which is why everything is pumped full of preservatives to give them a long shelf life. Then there is the sales force which includes millions of dollars spent on celebrity endorsements, glossy magazines, television adverts etc! Millions are spent on shops where they have to pay for the overheads, pay staff, pay rent etc.

    Basically every step of the Traditional Retail process has to make a profit!  So by the time we buy traditional products, 70% of the cost of the products is to purely cover the process!

    I think as a nation we are cottoning on, we know that those celebrities don’t actually use those products! They are just being paid to give the perception that they do!  Do you really think Jennifer Lopez colours her own hair?

    That sounds crazy doesn’t it! Lets strip all of this back and look at the Network Marketing Model.


    We have our own manufacturer, which SeneGence own, then the Independent Distributors, like all of you who wholeheartedly recommend these products to people. We also talk to people about this business model. It is word of mouth. You are using the products, which are phenomenal! We seriously can’t live without these products and we bet that our customers can’t  either!

    Network Marketing is the result of not having to spend loads of money on various different processes. Thanks to Network Marketing, more money is put into quality ingredients, manufacturing, research and technology, and as Independent Distributors we all get paid very generously and lucratively for our efforts.  And most importantly, the consumer is getting a much better quality product at a lower price!

    Every one wins! Network Marketing makes sense! Internet shopping is the way people shop now. It is all about word of mouth, and people trust it much more. Network Marketing is booming, it is now actually trending!

    Network Marketing is modern, ethical, and fair! Network Marketing companies are shooting up all over the place! They say Network Marketing is the next trillion-dollar industry. It really is a better way! People are tired of building other people dream and not necessarily being appreciated for their efforts. These days, people are overworked and underpaid!  People are searching for something different!!

    People such as Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki etc all strongly endorse the Network Marketing Industry.

    Other benefits of Network Marketing include allowing people like us who are perhaps in a job that may no longer be fulfilling them – to start our own business! You may have joined because you were a stay at home mum who was looking for something for yourself, or you may have been in a job where the market was very unstable and redundancies were on the line. Maybe you just loved the products and wanted them at a discount and joined for personal use, or maybe you joined to run your SeneGence biz as a side hustle! It doesn’t really matter, whatever your reason, we are so happy you are here!

    Please find below a number of great videos that you can watch on Network Marketing – these videos will really help your business skyrocket!

    You will find here, a number of videos, including Eric Worre who  is amazing! Make sure that you subscribe to the Network Marketing MasterMind – Eric Worre’s Youtube Channel


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