Glamour Demos / SeneGence Parties

    An exciting and fun way (some would say the best way!) to advertise your products and build your team is by holding glamour demo’s or parties!

    These can be for friends and family, or for others who would like to experience the products for themselves with some friends and in doing so, earn themselves some discounts.

     You will find at each Demo, both guests who would like to become a Customer of these great products and guests who would like to become a Distributor selling these products. Either way, Glamour Demos are an incredible way to build your business, your Customer base for sales income and your Downline Distributors upon which you earn commission.

    Preparation is Key

    We recommend attending a glamour demo being held by another distributor to get an idea of how they are done.

    Here are some steps to prepare yourself for hosting a glamour demo

    1. Observe one
      • If this isn’t possible, watch one online!
    2. Learn about the products!
      • Educate yourself about what you are selling, both in terms of the products you will be showing and the business.
    3. Purchase some testers for your guests to experience the products for themselves!
    4. Purchase some stock to sell on the day- people love to walk away with their products!
    5. Practice your product display
      • It is important to be well prepared for your demo/party! Displaying the products in a neat and stylish way will assist your guests to feel special and at ease to try the products you have laid out.

    What to bring to your demo:

    1. Tester colours for customer to try (Build your demo colours with each order)
    2. Gloss samples for customers to use throughout the demo
    3. Oops removers/micella water/foops remover
    4. Disposable lip applicators, you can buy them in back office and extras on ebay (you will need 2-4 per customer)
    5. Cotton balls or pads
    6. Small mirrors or a larger mirror on a stand (this can be requested from the host prior to the event)
    7. Colour Charts & look books displaying the colours on different skin tones. Collages are a great way to go.
    8. Beauty Books
    9. Business cards
    10. Order forms/ wish lists/ chart to record your orders if people are paying immediately in cash or via paypal
    11. Pens for clients to write down their favourites as they go
    12. Potential distributor packet/ info
    13. Stock of the product you have available to sell that day

    *Its not recommended for a customer to try on more than one colour per demo due to the fact that the product molecularly bonds to their lips and is not meant to be removed immediately*

    Don’t forget to offer the SeneChoice!

    It is really important to let everyone know that there is a wholesale account option, and that people can give this business a go!  In giving the SeneChoice to each and every customer here is an example below of what you can say:

    “Ladies, SeneGence makes a promise to every women who tries our products; each of you have two “Choices.” Once having learned of the products, company, and opportunity you may choose to become a SeneGence Distributor and purchase the products at wholesale prices and sell the products to earn income or you may become a SeneGence Customer paying retail prices and I will be your Distributor. We want you to make the choice that is best for you. Now let’s get started.”

    Example info for potential hosts:

    Hi Lovely, as you know I have started a business with SeneGence! The products are incredible- seriously. I would love to show them to you in person!

    Would you and your friends like to get together to experience SeneGence® products in person? Witness the long-lasting power of LipSense®, luxuriate in the wonderful scents and textures of SeneDerm, SkinCare, play with the wide array of SenseCosmetic colours,  and learn more about cosmetic application techniques at a SeneGence Glamour Demo! Simply provide a location and invite guests, and I will take care of the rest! For Hosting a Glamour Demo, you, the Hostess will receive a discount on your personal order, and there are also some prizes for guests and incentives throughout the demo.

    It really is obligation free, 2 hours of fun and laughs and I would love to make a time with you!

    Let me know what suits! X

    Glamour Demo Final Tips

    From the moment you enter the home or office of a potential Customer or Distributor for a Demo, they watch you present the entire process of a Demo from start to finish. If it looks too complicated for them, it makes their decision all that more difficult to become a SeneGence Distributor. A person who is only of the mind to become a Customer certainly will not entertain the concept of becoming a SeneGence Distributor.

    Here are some final tips for running successful demos!

    • Make it look easy. Have an easy table of display product and applicator set up prepared. Inventory should be compact and organised. Clean up should be simple and quick.
    • Make it simple. Read through the Beauty Book Distributor Guide. Guests will notice how simple the Demo is to conduct. Have guests follow along in their own Beauty Books.
    • Make it a sales and sponsoring event. As you read through the eauty Book Distributor Guide, point out the features and benefits as though you are conducting a Sponsoring event.
    • Make it profitable. Give choices without pressure to make sales. Always carry plenty of inventory.
    • Make it continuous. Book additional SeneBlends Demos for you or Launch Demos for the new Distributor.
    • Make it a learning experience. Educate all Guests about SeneGence SeneDerm and SenseCosmetics and learn about each guest by asking questions. You may have one or more potential new Distributors at any one Demo.

    Please see below images of example set ups for demos. They can be as small or as large as you want!