The first 90 days

    Congratulations and welcome to the team! 

    The first 90 days is such an an exciting time for a new Distributor with Senegence. Senegence has given you so many amazing opportunities to help you start your business!

    There are two exciting offers that you get the chance to take advantage of! This is our
    JUMP START PROGRAM and also the FAST START PROGRAM which you can read even more about under SeneGence Incentives!

    During your first 30 days, SeneGence offers you the opportunity to get  50% off a 300PV order! This means that you can receive $800 worth of products for only $400!

    After your 30 days end, you will still receive 40% off a 300PV order, but if you would love a 50% discount, place a 750PV order and you will get it!

    Let’s now talk about FAST STARTS! 

    This is a promotion which is only available in your first 90 days! Take advantage of this and make the most of it! We are so lucky!  By simply working your business and ordering, SeneGence will give you additional products for free! Approximately $1200 in FREE products!!!

    With each month – when you place a 1000PV order, you will be sent nearly $400 in free product each 30 days- for your first 90 days!!

    If you miss the first month and don’t make it to 1000PV its ok, you can catch up by ordering enough to reach your NEXT goal in your 60 days! This means that you may still qualify for your 2nd fast start but will miss your 1st!

    Same applies for your third fast start.

    Once you place an order of over 750PV you will receive a discount of 50% for the remainder of that calendar month regardless of the size of your order!

    Make sure that you take advantage of these amazing offers from SeneGence as they are only available for your first 90 days!