Getting started

    1. Choose your business name

    The first thing it is important to do is to choose a fun and catchy name for your new business! When choosing a business name, think of something that is unique and original because then your business will be able to be found easily when searched.

    TIP: Distributors may NOT use a trademarked name (i.e. LipSense, SeneGence, etc.) to register for any Social Media. For example, you may NOT use these names as part of any user name, page name, group name, or web address (URL).

    For information about SeneGence Social Media Policies, please refer to the Distributor Social Media Policies & Procedures document in your Back Office under Business > Policies & Procedures.

    2. Start Marketing Your Business with a group or a page on Facebook

    Facebook is a great resource when starting your SeneGence business. The popularity of social media is growing every day, and many SeneGence Distributors choose this as a platform to promote their business. Often your upline will help you to set up your facebook group! Just ask if they can help you! They would love to, or reach out to one of us!

    Should I create a Facebook page or a Facebook group?

    Short answer – both! Why? Because each of these have different benefits and are both great for your business.

    A Facebook page is great for the following reasons;

    • Increased Exposure to Potential Customers
    • Gather More Leads
    • Lower Your Marketing Expenses – Starting a Facebook business page costs you nothing. If you do want to reach more people you can to boost.
    • Reach a Targeted Audience – You can target a particular audience when you boost your posts or create ads.
    • Use Facebook Insights
    • Build Brand Loyalty – If you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal.
    • Increase Your Web Traffic
    • Boost SEO (search engine optimisation!)

    A Facebook group is great for the following reasons:

    • Increased interaction- as posts are seen by many!
    • More intimate in comparison to a page
    • Lower your marketing expenses
    • Build your brand by showing more of your personality

    Are you wondering how to create a Facebook group? See How to create a Facebook group for your business and you will find step by step instructions. These are just some of the ideas to get your page started! There are so many more!

    • Once you have set up the group, create an album and include photos of all the LipSense colours in there. Images of the colours are available in your support groups (Senetribe and Lip Squad Trailblazers in the albums section.
    • Add everyone you know on Facebook that would love LipSense – even women who you may not think would – you never know.
    • Create posts including: Introducing yourself and why you started your SeneGence business, What is LipSense, a short video showing how amazing LipSense is, pictures of you wearing the products etc.
    • Start sharing your new business and Facebook page.
    • Ask your friends and family to share for you too.
    • Think about ways to promote your business & products.

    3. Online or in home Launch Party

    This is an amazing way to launch your business, and your upline will love to help you! Once you have signed up, and you have created your group, or are wanting help to create your group, talk to your upline, and ask them if they haven’t already offered if they can do a launch for you! This will help to get your business off to a great start!

    4. Create business cards and advertising

    There are many different websites you can use to create websites, although most use vista print. Vista print often has great deals and discounts, they ship very fast and are great quality. Ideas of what you could order to start with include;

    • Business cards
    • Application instructions
    • Flyer with all the LipSense colours including your contact details.

    5. Order products and start using them

    If you have funds to outlay this will ensure a great start. Aim for 300PV as a min, this will get you 50% off in your first 30 days and 40% off after that! 750PV + is amazing to aim for and will get you a massive 50% off!!

    To understand more about how to order and get the best discounts look at the section Placing your first 300pv order.

    • Let’s face it — no one wants to buy cosmetics from an “empty store”… If you have it – you will sell it.
    • You will up sell items because you have them in stock.
    • People don’t want to wait for their cosmetics
    • Avoid restricting your sales … always have inventory on hand.
    • Your customers will pay for your inventory orders if you are booking each week.
    • Ask your upline field leader for suggestions of what to order per season.
    • Try to order a minimum of 300 wholesale (300PV)… you will NOT make money or save money ordering below this level. (Shipping is too high & Discount is too low.

    6. Get customers

    Swipe the back of your hand with the same lip colors you put on yourself every morning.

    • Make this a habit.
    • It will start conversations with others… they will want to know what is on the back of your hand. DO NOT WAIT until your inventory or supplies arrive …. use whatever lip color you have to start “wowing” others right now.
    • Set up bookings NOW for when your kit & inventory arrives next week.
    • Hit the road running… (and remember, it’s never too late to get started…)

    7. Know your Schedule.

    • Buy a diary just for SeneGence.
    • Mark out the times you cannot do SeneGence due to outside work, family, etc.
    • CIRCLE all of the time slots you can do SeneGence. Try to FILL each CIRCLE with a BOOKING.
    • Use your CIRCLE TIMES to find new customers, host demos, do follow-up calls with clients, or to interview clients to become distributors.
    • CIRCLES that are FILLED with these types of activities = $$$$$.

    8. Training is Key to Success.

    • Soak up as much information as you can each week…. start by listening to the CD’s and DVD’s in your kit. Watch the video.
    • Attend trainings, local trainings & conference call trainings each week.
    • Write each training event on your calendar.
    • Book yourself for training first.
    • Learn Something New Each Week.

    9. Shadow another distributor 

    • Learn by watching an experience distributor.
    • Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.
    • Contact your upline to schedule a shadowing experience.
    • Learn how to Earn

    10. Carry your Testers & some Product on-hand at all times!

    • You never know when you might sell something…or sponsoring someone!
    • Be prepared to swipe others with color & to book an appt. on the spot.
    • Use the 3-foot rule… if there is a woman within 3 feet of you – you should talk to her… Start the conversation by saying… “Have you heard of SenseCosmetics?” or “Is that Lipsense you are wearing?” or “Have you seen this lip color before?” or “I’m launching a new line of all-day cosmetics in the area, have you heard of SeneGence?” THEN… proceed to asking her if you can show her a SAMPLE of the lip color on the back of her hand. SWIPE. Ask her if she can rub it off. Ask her if she would like to try it… BOOK the appt.

    11. Give everyone two choices

    • Swipe them with color – then say “We are looking for Customers and Distributors” … “Would you like to have a look at the full product range” …. Let them decide if they want to purchase or sell themselves.

     12. Spend most of your time NOW Booking Demos, Booking Individual Appointments, etc. Book, Book, Book…

    • Everything  counts as a booking.
    • 1 on 1 appointments
    • Group demos
    • Tradeshows
    • Markets
    • Referrals

    13. Offer the entire line of products to everyone; you will increase your sales and your re-orders.

    • Sell LipSense first and then offer then the other products.
    • Follow up your new customers and ask them if they would like anything else (perhaps a mascara or eye liner) Book a demo.
    • Each Hostess can have 2 demos for you. A lippy party and an Eye party.

    14. Do Customer Care Calls within 48 hours of purchase

    • Check back with them, this is how you retain your customers
    •  Give them another call every 2-3 months after each purchase for re-orders.
    • People get busy and will appreciate your help and you will love the increase in your re-orders by making the phone calls yourself.
    • Good follow-up insures Great re-orders!

    It is also important to order other things that you will need for your business. Please see a list below of useful things to purchase for your business and where you can purchase them from.

    • Disposable gloss applicators – eBay
    • Padded envelopes – eBay
    • Bulk stamps – available from Australia Post
    • Registered post stickers – available from Australia Post
    • Organza bags or other bags that you would like to package your orders in – Ebay have a great variety or even discount and $2 shops.

    Make sure you join groups that will assist you. Here are a number of groups which are great for your business!








    • Senebiz
    • Wordswag
    • Canvaa
    • Zoom
    • Facebook pages manager
    • Video saver
    • IMovie
    • Typorama
    • Square


    Burns Business Boosters. Storage solutions, gifts and other customised products for your SeneGence business:

    Light Up Mirrors

    Ring Light

    Re-order labels…

    Padded envelopes…

    Tester Label Stickers

    Re-order labels

    Portable Selfie Light…/3-Mode-Portable-Selfi…/152350161043


    Double Ended Makeup Brush…/Double-Ended-Brush-P…/331642896421…

    Double Ended Brow Brush…/Double-Sided-Eyebrow…/222158082041…

    Wholesale Bulk Cosmetic Pouches


    SeneContact Details:
    Warehouse Delivery enquiries:
    Phone: 1800LipSense
    Mary Ann Pinto – AU Manager
    SeneGence Head Office: Email:
    Recognition Enquiries:
    Trainings for events:


    Reading and Personal Development is encouraged throughout your Senegence Journey. It is important to have a good understanding of the industry and the skills and knowledge required to build a successful business. It is equally important to develop yourself.

    We recommend that you establish a good reading habit and incorporate reading 30 minutes or 20 pages of a book, into your daily routine. If you prefer to listen to audios, you can download the audiobooks instead. Please check with your Sponsor and/or Uplines and Sidelines – you may be able to borrow a copy of these books.

    If you are a NEW Senegence Distributor please make sure that you start with the following list:

    Go Pro (Eric Worre) – In the category Network Marketing – The next trillion dollar industry you will find a number of videos by Eric Worre if you prefer to watch rather than read.

    • Flip Flop CEO
    • The Four Year Career

    These books have been recommended so you can start to gain an understanding of the Social Marketing Industry and develop core skills.


    The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla
    Dare To Dream and Work to Win by Dr Tom Barrett
    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
    The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
    The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.
    The Business of The 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki
    The Cash-Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
    Goals by Brian Tracy
    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
    Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
    Drop the Pink Elephant by Bill McFarlen
    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy