Placing your first order

    You have signed up, and you are excited to get started! Now it is time to place your first order! When placing your first order you always want to place a minimum 300PV order as with our jump start program that will give you a massive 50% in your first 30 days!

    Before we tell you how the best way to place your first order is, lets talk about Points Value which is known as PV.

    What is PV?

    PV is an Abbreviation for Point Value. Each SeneGence product assigned a suggested retail value is also assigned a PV. PV is the same regardless of which country product is sold.

    Point Value is used to determine a Distributor’s qualification for Downline Commission and Group Sales Volume bonuses. PV is not accrued for orders of non-commissionable items such as testers, supplies, starter kits, promotional or free product. PV (for US Distributors only) is calculated at half the retail value of a particular product. For example: ShadowSense, which retails at $22 USD, has a PV of 11. PV value is the same in all countries.

    Understanding PV helps you take advantage of the amazing discounts that you can get!

    What is so special about 300PV?

    A 300PV order will get you a massive 50% off whilst in your first 30 days of business!! That means you are basically doubling your money if you sell all products from your first order!

    This means amazing profits for your business! As an idea of how much product this is…if you sell around 7 starter collections and that will give you over $500 worth of customer orders which will more than cover a 300pv order and then you can choose around $300 worth of products for yourself for FREE!

    300 PV is awesome for new distributors as it sets you up with stock as well as making you a qualified distributor.

    You need to do a min of 300PV in the month for rank increases!

    You need to do 300PV or more in the month for Group Sales Volume Bonuses on your lower level downlines!

    Make it your aim and always have a play before you submit your orders. Quite often ordering less can cost you more.

    If you are ever unsure check in with your upline or even post in your team support group! Everyone is welcome to take a screenshot of your order and send that to your upline to check if you are ordering at the best discount!

    We always aim to do a minimum of 300 PV every single month. Taking up this monthly habit will help pave the way to Princess and beyond.

    Example 300PV Order:
    Order 19 colours. You can order more than one of the most popular colours and  keep one to sell and one to have as a tester. You can do more for stock but this is a minimum order example.

    Top sellers include;
    Apple cider, Aussie Rose, Blu Red, Caramel Apple, Fire n ice, Goddess, Kiss for a Cause, Pink champagne, Praline Rose,  Plum, Samon, Sassy Z,
    5 Glossy and 5 Ooops.

    This will get your business started. Selling these will make you a return on your investment and give you profit to reinvest on your next order in 1-2 weeks. At that time do a similar order to build stock and testers.

    To build to a 750PV order:
    add additional colours of a colour for stock. Some amazing additions from our products include; ShadowSense: Garnet, Onyx, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, EyeLuminator, Eye Cream, Nangai Oil, Tinted Moisturisers,  Silk, Self Tanner.

    How do I place my order?

    To place your order:

    • Go to

    • Login

    • Once you are in the home screen, click order, then quick order. Place your order remember that in your first 30 days you get 50% off a 300PV order!!