Facebook Parties

What is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is a fast, fun way to host a LipSense/SeneGence Party but completely online. There is no house to clean, no food to make and you can even be in your pajamas sipping on a glass of wine (or tea) while running it from your couch!

Why use Facebook parties?

  • Most frequently used social media site
  • Appeal to different people
  • Increase monthly sales
  • Hold multiple parties each month

How do I set up my Facebook Party?

  1. Find a hostess – or set up your own party and you can be the hostess!
  2. Determine date and time – know your party – I find it works setting up an online party 2-3 days before the actual event and play games only for 1 hour or so during the night of the party.
  3. Think out party and the posts that you will do. Think about this; what do you want to convey, and who is your target market.
  4. Once you have thought about what you want to post save it all to a word document for future parties in order of posts – then you can just copy and paste the same posts!
  5. When deciding what to post always remember to include images of yourself, go live in the party and let them get to know you, make sure that your posts are consistent and reflect you and your branding. Being creative and personalising your posts so they suit your business and your personality is key.
  6. Coach your hostess – Even though you are running the party, you will have better results and more sales if you have the hostess involved. Ask her to contact everyone she has invited and share her excitement about the party. Send her a beauty book link or even a beauty book to show people – she may even get some orders before the party.
  7. Set up the party. You can choose to set this up in two different ways – you can create a group or an event. Both are good. A group has bee used more often recently as if a party goes well and the hostess then decides to sign up and use the sales from the party you ran to place her first order, the group can then be flipped to her business group.
  8. Choose a theme/design – again be consistent and choose something that reflects your business and brand.
  9. Input all of the party posts – or even some posts to start with depending how you would like to run it.
  10. Add your hostess and have her add her friends.

There are a number of mock facebook parties that you can join! Speak to your upline and ask them to add you to one!

Also contact your upline and ask them to assist you in running an online party – they would love to help you!

Running your Facebook party:

  1. Do a reminder in the morning of your party
  2. Welcome everyone
  3. Introduce yourself – they will want to get to know who you are! Post a selfie or go live!
  4. Introduce your hostess – post a photo or even get her to go live with you and split the screen so you can both be live together!
  5. Do a roll call post! Ask who is at your party. Get everyone involved. This will make them feel special.
  6. Start posting
  7. Go LIVE!! Facebook live is one of the quickest ways to grow your business!

Eg: 1st Live: Live demo with a colour, Talk about the company and also talk about how people can place orders – eg comment sold below a photo and you will message them, or say they can message you!

2nd Live: Talk about joining – the benefits, why it is amazing!


Hostess Rewards!

The person who agrees to let you run a Facebook party is known as the hostess and can receive rewards! Rewards are available for an engaging, participating hostess. Your guests will be much more interested & participatory if you’re excited & involved!

Put up a post and ask if anyone would be interested in hosting an online Facebook party, or message friends and ask if they will host one for you! If they agree, you can send them this information below!


Please note you are not required to give your host a free colour for hosting, but you can do so if you wish. 

Hi! Thank you for thinking about hosting an online Facebook party for me! Here is some information below of what you will receive if you host an online party!

  • Hostess receives a free colour as a “thank you” for hosting

Party total will determine your discount:

$0 – $99 = 10% off
$100 – $299 = 20% off

$300 + = 30% off

  • When 2 or more women in your party book their own Facebook party or in- home demo, they will receive a free gloss!
  • When you love Senegence & all it has to offer, join my team for only $55 to receive great discounts & free products!


  • Facebook group will be created by me Saturday or Sunday or a few days before the online party.
  • Once the group is created, *I will tell you when you can add people*, and I will  ask you to post a welcome message and intro about why you are excited to try LipSense and Senegence products.
  • I will post info on LipSense daily to build anticipation.
  • You and I will choose one day for the “official online party” – When I will be available via Facebook Live to demo products, answer questions or even just post if I don’t go live.
  • Orders will close Sunday at 6pm.


  • Do invite: family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, anyone you think would be interested. Expect that some will not attend/ interact, and send all those invited a personal message.You (hostess) will have from 6-8pm to finalize your order after your reward discount level has been determined!’
  • Don’t invite your whole Facebook friends list! You want an interactive page for a successful  party

As the hostess, once you have invited everyone to the group, send them a message about the online party! You can copy and paste and edit as you wish! 


I just added you to my Senegence/ LipSense party! It will run through next week, and there will be games and great deals. I know, another party… but seriously you have to see this stuff! LipSense is amazing!! It’s a lip colour that stays on your lips literally all day! I think it’s awesome so I’m hosting to get hostess rewards. Anyway, I really hope you’ll give it a chance, I just think you would love this stuff! Hope you can join us!

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