How to brand yourself

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to brand myself?” Keep reading to find out why!

Branding yourself and your business is so important. Branding includes things such as your logo, the colour scheme of your brand, but it so much more that that! IT IS YOU! Your branding is you!

When you are branding, you are not just selling a product, you are selling yourself! You want to build your brand around YOU!

SeneGence allows us to create our brand how WE WANT! We are allowed to create our own business and that is so special! We aren’t required to use specific photos or wording, we get to choose!

The goal in branding is to differentiate yourself from other distributors! While we all work together, you want to let yourself stand out!

Your brand will incorporate your life! You can share your other passions too – e.g. motherhood, fitness, anything you are passionate about – and then put your Sentence business into it! Be relatable! Share what you love! EG – you love going to the gym – wear your lip sense to the gym and show it doesn’t come off!

Show your life, show you, and your customers will fall in love with you.


Define your overall aspirations. Be specific. What are your goals and objectives for your brand EG – do you want to become an expert in your field? Do you want to help women feel beautiful sharing our products. What is your message? What is your end goal? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Conduct research – Look around you. If you see someone who is doing well, go and see what they are doing and learn from them. Make sure that you know your audience. Who are you trying to target? Who is in your target market?

Determine your brand attributes – What do you want your brand to convey. What objectives do you want your brand to associate with you and why?

Assess your current brand – Use the questions above to sit down and assess your current brand. Ask yourself – how do people currently perceive you. Go to your customer base and ask them to describe you in 5 words. You will find out then how your customers perceive you, What needs to change and why?

Create a game plan – Your game plan and branding should be more than what people see on social media. It will tie back to your passions. Always be yourself. Offer value to your customers – educate them – four on things that you can offer people. Show them how amazing the products are and make them realise that they need them. e.g. – tutorials – does not have to be about LipSense or Sentence all the time. Share information with your customers.

Managing your brand – People are watching us way more than we think they are. Think to yourself, are you being true to your yourself and your brand. Be careful what you post on your personal page.


Customer service is so important – always strive to go above and beyond for your customers. They are important to your business,

Stick with one company. You can not brand yourself and give 100% to three companies. pick a company and work hard! Customers can see you hopping from business to business. You are your brand.

Brand yourself by showing your face – especially when you are smiling! Take those selfies! Go on, you know you want to!


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