How to get started

Choose a business name.
When choosing a business name, think of something that is unique and original because then your business will be able to be found easily when searched.
Distributors may NOT use a trademarked name (i.e. LipSense, SeneGence, etc.) to register for any Social Media. For example, you may NOT use these names as part of any user name, page name, group name, or web address (URL).
For information about SeneGence Social Media Policies, please refer to the Distributor Social Media Policies & Procedures document in your Back Office under Business > Policies & Procedures.

Start a group or a page on Facebook
Facebook is a great resource when starting your SeneGence business. The popularity of social media is growing every day, and many SeneGence Distributors choose this as a platform to promote their business.
Should I create a Facebook page or a Facebook group?
Short answer – both! Why? Because each of these have different benefits and are both great for your business.

A Facebook page is great for the following reasons;
Increased Exposure to Potential Customers
Gather More Leads
Lower Your Marketing Expenses – Starting a Facebook business page costs you nothing. If you do want to reach more people you can to boost.
Reach a Targeted Audience – You can target a particular audience when you boost your posts or create ads.
Use Facebook Insights
Build Brand Loyalty – If you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal.
Increase Your Web Traffic
Boost SEO
A Facebook group is great for the following reasons:
Increased intereaction
More intimate
Lower Your Marketing Expenses
Build your brand by showing more of your personality

How do I create a Facebook group?
• Log in to Facebook.
• On the left hand side you will see groups.
• Click groups, create new.
• Enter your business name
• Choose a cover photo
• Put in a description of what LipSense is. Here is an example. Make sure that you change it to suit your personality.
“LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence, with over 36 lip colours to choose from. Just by layering different shades there are 1000’s of colour possibilities, meaning you can mix and match depending on your mood or the occasion.
LipSense is Waterproof, Kiss-Proof, Smear-Proof colour that won’t dry out your lips and won’t come off until you take it off.
Put your pout to the test and kiss away! Create your own custom colour recipe by combining shades that are rich and solid, sheer and shimmering, vibrant, shiny or frosty.
If you are looking for lip colour that lasts, then look no further.
Contact me to place an order or request more information. Feel free to contact me anyway you would like!
Message me on Facebook
(For maximum staying power, 3 layers of lip colour is applied and topped with one of our Nourishing LipSense Lip Glosses)”
• Create an album and include photos of all the LipSense colours in there. Photos of all the colours available on this website under marketing your business. (can we include a link for them here that will take them straight to the photo album? We also need to make sure that the images are downloadable.
• Add everyone you know on Facebook that would love LipSense – even women who you may not think would – you never know.
• Create posts including:
Introducing yourself and why you started your SeneGence business
(I need to put examples in here)
Start sharing your new business and Facebook page.
Ask your friends and family to share for you too.
Think about ways to promote your business & products.

Create business cards and advertising

There are many different websites you can use to create websites, although most use vista print. Vista print often has great deals and discounts, they ship very fast and are great quality. Ideas of what you could order to start with include;
• Business cards
• Application instructions
• Flyer with all the LipSense colours including your contact details.

Order products and start using them
If you have funds to outlay this will ensure a great start. To understand more about how to order and get the best discounts look at the section Placing your first 300pv order.
It is also important to order other things that you will need for your business. Please see a list below and links where you can source the products for a great price:
• Disposable gloss applicators
• Padded envelopes
• Bulk stamps – available from Australia Post
• Registered post stickers – available from Australia Post
• Organza bags or other bags that you would like to package your orders in – Ebay have a great variety or even discount and $2 shops.

Learn about the products and SeneGence
Browse through the Facebook groups, get familiar with back office, search on YouTube, reach out to your upline and ask questions.

Payment options and recording orders
Work out your business payment options. You may decide that you would like to set up a new bank account or a paypal account. There are also other programs that you can use such a square.
– Square:

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