Leading your team


Once you have decided to build your team, it is important to think about how you want your team to run!

Of course you want them to be highly productive, self-motivated and great leaders!

This is why it is important to build leaders! When anyone joins your team, to start with they may be a bit nervous, or unsure of what to do. That is ok! It is with you as their upline, that you will work with them and help them to become the best leaders that they can be. You want to create a team that is high production – but low maintenance. You want your downlines to be able to think for themselves, find information if they are unsure and learn everything that they can so that they are confident, driven and can also lead their own teams once they start to build their teams also.

There are two types of people – LEADERS and FOLLOWERS.

You need to understand the difference between being a leader and building leaders, or being a leader and leading a team of followers. If you have already started to build your team, you may not even realise that you are doing this. Here are some examples below of where someone is leading a team of followers;

-You teach them information but you dont explain wherethe information was found

-Receives a question through text and quickly just gives them a straight answer

-Always conducts team trainings alone

– Doesn’t acknowledge accomplishments or offer recognition for their team

You would all prefer to build leaders? Are we right?

Here is what you can do to build a team of LEADERS!

-Conduct training, and at the end will disclose where you found the information, or show them. By doing this, they are then able to go and read the information again.

-When you receive a question, give an answer but also explain where the answer was found. Eg – someone is looking for information about the ingredients of LipSense. Send it to them, but also explain to them where you found it so that they know for next time and can find the information for themselves. EG: You can find this information on the back office, under the resources tab, click on guides then product and you will be able to find all the information you need about the products. This means that next time instead of contacting you, they will automatically go there rather than contacting you. This makes them more independent, stronger distributors and leaders and less maintenance.

-Offer recognition for their team members. Rank increase posts, recognition for earning trips cars etc, little tokens of gratitude.

-Treat a leader like a leader. If you treat them as a follower, you will turn them into someone who will not develop the necessary leadership skills that they require to build their own teams!

-Speak with your downline and find out how much help they would like. Would they like assistance with their downlines or would they like to do it all themselves.

-Believe in them! Set goals with them and make a plan. Set BIG goals! No goal is too big! Help them to dream and realise that anything is possible! It is so amazing when they achieve goals that they never thought possible.

-Encourage and motivate them! They are capable of more than they think that they are!

-Tell: TELL new recruits about the systems, where to find them, what they need to do to be successful

-Show your team what they need to do. By showing them they will learn much quicker. Launch demos, online launches, trainings, online trainings. People generally learn better when they are shown and are usually visual learners. -Watch them and let your teams leaders LEAD! Let them help with trainings, encourage them to do live trainings, have them start launch demos by themselves with their downlines. This helps them build ownership of the systems and gain confidence, which are both things necessary for a LEADER to have. Coach them in the areas they need to grow in and always keep the lines of communication open.

-Once they are confident, then let them go and conquer! You know they are capable of taking charge without you. They have proven they are the leader you have worked so hard to help build. Then you GO to the next person and repeat the process. This will continue your growth and ensure that each seminar year, you have strength on your first line.

Teach your new Leaders this cycle above (Show, watch, let them go) and the importance of training so they can also use this with their own recruits and downlines and so on which will create incredible downline growth. Magic will happen!

As a leader also try and remember to do the following:

-Be honest, speak from the heart and show them that you care.           

-Get to know them and find out what their WHY is.

-Offer recognition.

-Provide purpose.

-Inspire your team! Lead by example!


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.”

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