Recruiting to build your team

Building your team is so much fun! 

When you first start, you may have joined for personal use, or only to sell. Do you know what though? The BIG MONEY is in having a team.

Should you start building a team to build your business? YES!

Is it ever too early to build your team? NEVER! It is never too early to start.

Instead of thinking about ‘How can I build my team?” Think to yourself “How can I build my empire?” Big goals = big results. In Australia we are in the momentum phase. There is still so much more growth to come.

Why is recruiting so important?

Recruiting and building your team is important for the following reasons:

-The amount of money that you can make when you recruit and build your team, can heavily outweigh and overtake the amount of money that can come from customer sales that you make.

-It is a residual income. This means that the money will keep coming in every month from commissions that you can earn… thanks to the compounding effect!! As long as you are consistently building and supporting your team, your commission will continue to grow. If you need to spend time at home with your children, or maybe you need to take a break and go on holidays – your team commission income will continue to come in. With customer sales, if you don’t make any sales, the customer retail income doesn’t come in.  See the difference between Customer Sales Income and Downline team income!

-You are helping to change another person’s life!! It is the most rewarding feeling. You are helping other women and men support their families, whilst also creating a life for themselves that they only ever dreamt of.

If you have not started recruiting? Why not? Don’t let fear get in the way. We can help you!

How do I build my team?

There are a number of things that you can do to build your team. First of all you need to put yourself out there and run your businesses professionally, and offer the opportunity. If you are not offering the opportunity for people to join your team, then how would they know that they can join you?

Here are a number of things that you can do to help build your teams.

Wow, book, demo, direct!

– By booking demos, your host may purchase from you, but then she, or some of her guests may decide that they want to join your team. This is why it is important to always offer the SeneChoice!

WOW: What to bring: Business cards, beauty books with your info on the back, or a flyer or even a colour chart/ pen, stock, demo supplies. Remember to always have stripes on your hand to wow them!

BOOK: Try to get them to book a personal demo or a hostess party – even if it is only with two or three people! Spread the word about how amazing our products are!

DEMO: Show them the products and then talk about the business opportunity. Remember – if you do not tell them about the opportunity then they will not know about it!

DIRECT: Generally after hearing about the Senegence Opportunity and trying our products people will either become a Customer or a Distributor. Remember to offer them the SeneChoice!

Overcome objections in your mind BEFORE going out

-Have you created a group yet? If not, create one now, build content and then invite members. By inviting members, when they join not only are they potential customers, but they are potential downlines!

-Do you post about the business opportunity? If you don’t, then how do you expect anyone to know that it is an option. Make sure that you let people know how amazing the opportunity is!

-Are your posts creative? Do you sometimes scroll through your Facebook and see the same posts? You just scroll straight past and don’t pay much attention don’t you! I do – this is why it is important. Be creative. Always use your own content, and create your own look and brand for YOUR business. Do not copy other people’s posts.

-Do you post daily? What is your target audience? These are all things to consider when you are posting. If you do post daily, that shows consistency! It doesn’t mean that you have to post about SeneGence or LipSense every day, you could even post different content to appeal to different people – eg post something funny, then post about a product, then maybe a selfie. Keep your audience interested. That is key. This will encourage engagement and interaction with your posts, which can lead to – you guessed it – downlines!

-Do you have a business page? Invited people to like it? Boosted a post? If you don’t have one then it is a great idea to create one. You can reach people that aren’t on your Facebook friends list then too!

-Have you done a video yet? If you haven’t then try one today! It doesn’t have to be a long video! Even a quick boomerang is great to start with!

-Have you gone live? Be yourself! Have fun with it! People are attracted to you! Make yourself stand out from the crowd!

-What is your WHY? This is important. Share your why with everyone, then find their why. Why would they want to start a business? Build relationships with people. By building relationships and showing an interest in people’s lives then they will be more likely to consider an opportunity with you!

-Create a list of 100 people you personally know and start reaching out to them (by phone, text in person) message 15 people a week to get started. Start making connections.
LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN! This is SO important. To be able to tell people how amazing this opportunity is then you have to understand it!

In order to build your business and build your team consider doing the following:

-Build relationships with everyone that you meet.

-Create excitement! Show them how amazing this opportunity is. There is still so much growth, and that they should jump on board now!

-Stripes on hand every day!

-Never let fear or anxiety get in your way. You are capable of more than you know, and you can honestly achieve anything that you wish to achieve.

-Think big! Push yourself to try new things – often the things that we are scared of the most are the most rewarding when we achieve them.

-“Fake it till you make it” – act confident!

-Share, share, share! This opportunity will change someone’s life!

-Don’t let the opportunity pass you. If you do not offer the opportunity then someone else will.

-No doesn’t mean no forever. Remember this and make a note and contact them again in a few months.

-Message and contact many people about the opportunity – don’t get discouraged when they say no – just think NEXT!

-You never know who or when your next ‘rockstar’ will appear. They may not even know themselves!

-You have to work your business. No one can go out and do it for you. Work hard, be brave, make a plan and you will achieve anything that you want to achieve.

Are they interested?

You have them interested! YAY!

Once you have them interested then it is important to follow up with them and provide further information. You may do the following:

-Call or message them and talk about the opportunity.
-Send them further information or an info pack with information for potential distributors.

Once they have this information they will generally want to sign up! Provide information to them on how they can join your team.

Click become a distributor

Enter sponsor ID as ___

Show them you are there to support them.

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