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Do you love to learn by watching?

Here are some links to a number of great videos on lots of different topics from Leaders within SeneGence.

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12 days of kissmass –

12 days of leaders –

SeneGems –


The power of 5 – Heather Shriver Burns –


WOWING! Finding new customers! Why we wear stripes? How to WOW!

How to WOW and gain new customers with Lucia Broadby:

Overcoming objections. Proactively providing info that prevents the need for objections

Upselling! Make more opportunities to sell more products more often.

Partner for Profit


SeneCar Program
Any car, any blue… just new!

SeneStar trip!! Who wants to come to DisneyWorld?!? Here is how to get there in July 2018!

LIPS TRIP!! How to achieve it and get to Costa Rica!

SeneBlends. What is it and what can it do for your business?

Significant SeneSeller and why it’s awesome!

Ranks! What are they and how do I rank up?


All about LipSense

How to apply LipSense:

Product Knowledge

Demoing Skincare – Candice Barber

Skincare and product knowledge -SenePlex Complex

Skin Care – order to apply and how I use it

Skin Care Solutions


Skincare regimen overview

SeneGence Story – Official video to play at demos:

Mock demo training:

Launch demo training:

Demo – Product knowledge


Training Video!! Recruiting!!! How to sponsor!!

Recruiting 101 – Offering the SeneChoice

Compensation and commissions


I’m new! Now what?

What is PV? Discounts structure basics!

What is a SeneSite?

Lots more training vids, webinars and more – save the link and refer back to as you wish…/faqo66…/AAB463c79HoekodNTVv0MgK1a…


Facebook/Social Media business building
FB Post ideas

Kim Jonnson – Social Media training

Chantelle & Jessy – Social Media Madness


Selfie taking tutorial – Just keep practicing!! And yes we all take 50 photos before posting!


How I pack my orders- Kate Trevean

Cheap sneaky Postage ideas with Lucia Broadby

Packing to ensure re-order Jacqui Burns




Giving up all her secrets – Patty Winter

Branding your Business – Branding Magic – Mary Brown Siria

How to brand yourself – Jalynn Schroeder

Building a Queendom with no $$$ – Christin Cavness Slough

Launching and Re-Launching for the Skeptic, and how to be confident in drinking the blue Koolaid – Lindsey Bourne-Green

Being duplicatable – Anna Schweitzer

Booking parties and keeping the momentum going – Kimberly Harkrider

Relationship Marketing – Angela Davis

A winners mindset – Aimee Enlow

You are going to want to quit – but stick with it! – Heather Shriver Burns

Sharing your story – Amy Kenyon Timton

Wow, book, demo, direct – Kristin DeWispelare

Shattering your personal glass ceiling – Melissa Aulds

The ZERO Dollar Investment – Kelli Bradshaw

Building a strong team for the long run – Dawn White Christian

What it takes to be Successful – Callie ‘Gresham’ Keeney

Goal Setting for Success – Lauren Jordan

Posting & Product Versatility to Make $ALE$ – Brandi Zuger

Approaching Salons/ Boutiques and other Businesses with confidence – Jerolyn Bishop Juedes

Time Management – Casey Rubly

FB Live tips and tricks – Holly Hendrinks Mote

Hostess Coaching – Molly Rex

How Joni Rogers Built This Business, and what you need to know – Krysten Rae Tidwell

Go big or go home…but what if I’m not that kinda girl?! – Jenny Buchanan

Why you HAVE to share this business! – Ashlie Cavin Brewer

LIVE overload?! Let’s break it down and get to work! – Jenna Clark

Swing the bat! Those that swing more, win faster! – Amanda Rupley

Feeling Stuck? Watch this! – Melissa Aulds

Facebook power prospecting and attraction marketing! – Lifestyle Academy

How to Successfully Launch a New Downline on Facebook/What if it’s a flop??? – Kyrie Perry

The science behind success – Krysten Rae Tidwell‎

The power of a face-to-face launch party – Vanessa Alojipan

Recruiting 101 – Whitney WhiteI was raised to CHEER for people! – Ruby Queen Taylor Oerter

You don’t need more motivation – Heather Schriver Burns

10 steps to maiden! – Allison Duke

Busy Is Just An Excuse – Crown Princess Katie Hira

Create Massive Momentum for 2018 + Lets DANCE! – Misha Rees

Leslie Boyd Bradley – Training Video

Being Duplicatable – Queen Kimberly Johnson

How to stay motivated, continue to grow, and raise up leaders – Mandy Odle

CONFIDENCE in your brand will aid in your success: These FIVE points will make it easy! – Emerald CP Jamie Thomas

Beauty in the Blend: Shy & Successful! – Amanda Herring

Be a product of the product – Katie Enos

What I wish I would have known 2 years ago and my top tip for building a sustainable business – Tauni Alexander

Business 101 – Deidre Miller

Doing business the SeneSister way …. and My heart — I’m pouring it out for you today!! – Jenna Clark

Staying in the “Honeymoon” phase of your business – Diana Smith

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